Kotak Mahindra faced a unique problem. Not being present in enough locations with physical branches compared to other more prolific brands. Being a challenger brand, Kotak therefore decided to take the digital route with a vengeance to fuel its growth ambitions.

The challenge was to create a product proposition that would be unique and differentiated while at the same time make banking easy for the new age consumer. The objective was to use the thought leadership stature to acquire new customers. The objective also was to get the youth excited about this new age bank and get them to spread the word and help acquire additional customers through word of mouth.


Jifi was created with social as its DNA. It was the first bank in the world to authenticate customers via Twitter and Facebook and store these credentials in the core banking platform.

It allowed users to bank through Twitter by sending tweets to @Kotakjifi and get information back as a Direct Message. Kotak Jifi also launched India’s first social loyalty program with two kinds of points, social and transactional. Social points were earned for all social actions and entitled the user to get discounts while transactional points were as good as cash and allowed the user a direct price off at participating merchants.

We then planned a marketing campaign on the premise of product discovery, exploration and viral spread.


It is not every day that one gets the keen attention of the CEO of Twitter for a campaign. No wonder the campaign was covered by all leading Indian publications as well as worldwide media.

Just a month into its launch nearly 53,000 referrals have been made on Facebook by applicants to their friends. Of these, over 4,937 have been registered already with the conversion rate at an impressive 40%.

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